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About CIV

Celtic Invasion Vacations LLC is owned and operated by Celtic geek musician and podcaster, Marc Gunn. That's me.

It 2007, I decided to take fans of my old band, the Brobdingnagian Bards, to Ireland. We booked large buses with national tour companies. We got on the bus. We got off the bus. We stayed out late. We woke up early. We were exhausted by the end of the trip. I have some fond memories of drinking in pubs and a few landmarks, but overall, I barely remember a tenth of what we saw or where it was. This is not how I like to travel!

I was a world traveler long before I started Celtic Invasion Vacations. I was a military brat, born in Germany. My family drove from Maryland to Texas every summer when I was a kid. My mom moved to Italy in 1985. She and I drove around Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, and even up to The Netherlands. My dad briefly moved to Hawaii in 1990. I made frequent trips after college to Europe. I married a woman who also loves to travel. We've been to Germany, Scotland, Ireland, and around the U.S. together.

Travel to me isn't about seeing everything. You can't do it. Plus, it will only give you a superficial glimpse of the world. It's like watching Star Trek and thinking that that one show is what all science ficiton is about.

What's most important to me is relationships. It's not about what you see. It's who you see it with. It's the moments that touch you, and how you feel when you come back home. It's the memories you made.

That's why my motto is "good food, good drink, and good company". My Celtic Invasion Vacations will take you all over the world. During the day, we will see the sites. At night, I and other musicians will sing with you. We will join together with a common love music, history, and culture.

The moments and memories we made on past trips are incredible. We stayed in a castle outside of Galway. We walked from our thatched roof cottage to a local pub and watched Irish Football with the natives. We walked along cliffs and conversed with local fisherman. We sung in Scottish pubs only to be invited to lunch (yes, all 14 of us) to the home of a local clam diver. We drank wine overlooking ancient medieval towns in Tuscany. You never know what to expect... except awesomeness!

The experience is the most-important thing. I do my best to give you an experience that you will never forget!

Join me in high adventure at its best!

Marc Gunn