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Celtic Invasion of Brittany 2017

Brittany is one of the Seven Celtic Nations. In fact, linguistically, it's closely related to Cornish and Welsh. However, it has a culture and musical heritage all it's own.

In 2017, we're gonna explore Lower Brittany around Carnac, France. We will explore the 3,000 prehistoric standing stones in that region. We'll explore some Arthurian mythology. We'll find Breton Celtic music. And we'll enjoy some awesome French food.

This year, we're gonna have a smaller group with only 8 guests in all. As of December 2016, we already have half of our beds booked. So if you want to join us, please sign up soon. you can secure your spot by sending in your deposit now.

These trips are very flexible. So the itinerary below may change as I find the coolest things to see in the region.

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Tour Contact:

Marc Gunn
Celtic Invasion Vacation
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Email: celticinvasion@gmail.com

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June 3-10, 2017


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Friday. I ask everyone to arrive on Friday, but if you can't, the actual trip starts on SaturdayFriday is usually a recovery day before we travel. We're gonna fly into Rennes and explore the town a little, or just relax.

Saturday. There's one thing I think would be great to see in Rennes before we head to Carnac. It's the Musée de Bretagne. The museum covers the history of Brittany. So we'll explore the museum for a couple of hours before we drive to Carnac, have dinner, and enjoy some music from yours truly.

Sunday. After a long day of travel, we're gonna relax in the town of Carnac. We're walk to the Carnac stones – one of the most extensive Neolithic menhir collections in the world. Then we'll explore the town. At night, we'll dine on French food and with any luck find some music to enjoy.

Monday. It's time to find out about the history, culture, and legends of Brittany with an official tour that will take us driving the countryside to get a glimpse of the early Bretons.

Tuesday. We will continue our exploration of King Arthur and the Holy Grail legends in Paimpont Forest. This is thought to be the Arthurian Brocéliande and has a reputation in the medieval imagination as a place of magic and mystery. It is the setting of a number of adventures in Arthurian legend, notably Chrétien de Troyes's Yvain, the Knight of the Lion, and locals claim the tree in which the Lady of the Lake supposedly imprisoned Merlin can still be seen today. Other recent legendary (from the 19th century) places said to lie within the forest include the Val sans Retour, the tomb of Merlin, the Fountain of Youth, and Hotié de Vivianne (castle of the Lady of the Lake). 

Wednesday.  We will hug the coast around Carnac. We might even take a boat trip to one of the nearby islands.

Thursday. Lorient holds one of the largest Celtic music festivals in Europe. Sadly, it's not until August. But I am truly hoping to find some good music and see the local sites of this beautiful city.

Friday. On the last day of the vacation, we will make a group decision of what we want to see more of. By the end of the trip, we usually have a LOT of great ideas. So this can be one of the most exciting days of all.

Saturday. Time to leave. We're gonna drive back to Rennes and fly back home. So sad. :(

If you'd like to join us and see the magic and mystery of Wild Brittany, then complete the application fast. The trip is already half sold out. We only have room for 4 more people.


A few special notes about this year's invasion

  1. I highly recommend that you arrive on Friday. If you want to share a room on Friday night, you can talk with other invaders to save money.
  2. If you have anything in particular that you would like to see, then please talk to me as soon as possible. I'm happy to try and include as much or as little as we can to make this a supreme experience for you.
  3. If you want to join Marc Gunn on a Celtic Invasion Vacation, subscribe to the mailing list.



Photos by Kersti Luik and Marc Gunn


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