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Celtic Invasion of Cornwall 2016

It's always difficult creating an itinerary for one of my Celtic Invasion Vacations. That's because my trips are a lot more flexible than the standard tour bus trip. In fact, I welcome your input on the places we go and the things we see. Nevertheless, I mapped out a few plans for this Celtic Invasion.

Cornwall was one of the places the Celts fled to during the Anglo-Saxon invasions of England. It's deeply rooted in Celtic history as well as the history of King Arthur and Knights of the Round Table. I've always been a fan of Arthurian legends. So this invasion will look at both, and who knows what else.

Again, my goal is to offer a "vacation" from normal life. So be prepared to not only see awesome things, but also to relax and soak up the countryside.

I should also point out that until I get enough deposits to secure our vacation rental, I won't be able to tell you exactly where we are staying or what we are seeing. Some things will change depending on how many people sign up and how soon.

I hope to secure a location a lot sooner though. So please make your deposit as soon as possible to reserve your spot. Oh! And as always, space is limited to between 8-14 people.

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Tour Contact:

Marc Gunn
Celtic Invasion Vacation
Phone # +1 512 470-4866
Email: celticinvasion@gmail.com

Our Next Celtic Invasion Vacation takes place
June 18-25, 2016


Listen to the Itinerary below in The Celtfather Podcast.

The actual itinerary begins at 8:37 into the show.



Saturday, June 18. Fly into London. We'll meet up around noon and drive to Stone Henge where we will see those famous stones, have lunch and then drive to our cottage in Cornwall. On the way, we'll pick up groceries. Marc will make his famed pasta dinner and play music for the invaders.

Sunday, June 19. This is typically a day where I bring a local Tour Guide in to give us a background and glimpse of the Celtic culture, legends and historical aspects of Cornwall, followed by dinner at a local pub. However, we may use this day to attend a summer festival. I'm still researching details.

Monday, June 20. We will visit Tintagel, the legendary home of King Arthur and visit a number of other King Arthur related sites on the North coast of Cornwall.

Tuesday, June 21. We'll have a late morning start and we may divide into two groups. Some will join me and go horseback riding. Others will visit other local sites. In the evening, we'll have an early dinner at a local restaurant. Then we'll either find a local session, or we'll have our own Celtic session back at the cottage.

Wednesday, June 22. After a day of invading more Celtic sites, we'll bring a Celtic band home with us and enjoy a relaxing evening at the cottage with food cooked by Marc Gunn.

Thursday, June 23. We shall drive to Dartmoor National Park or visit the Isles of Scilly. We'll enjoy one grand huzzah dinner and finish up the evening with a final concert by Marc Gunn.

Friday, June 24. We'll rise early and drive to Glastonbury to see the Chalice Well and more Arthurian history before we find a hotel near London and some local sites.

Saturday, June 25. The Celtic Invasion of Cornwall concludes as we all fly home from London.


A few special notes about this year's invasion

  1. I and others will probably arrive on Friday morning. This gives us a day to recover from jet lag before the actual vacation begins.
  2. If you have anything in particular that you would like to see, then please talk to me as soon as possible. I'm happy to try and include as much or as little as we can to make this a supreme experience for you.
  3. If you want to join Marc Gunn on a Celtic Invasion Vacation, subscribe to the mailing list.



Photos by Kersti Luik and Marc Gunn


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