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Celtic Invasion of Italy 2009

Thanks for your interest in the Celtic Invasion. I'm still working on details as you can see below. This information WILL change, so bookmark this page if you like. I just wanted you to get an idea of some of the stuff I'm working on.

Remember, this is not your typical "tour". It's a vacation for people who want to enjoy Italian history and Celtic music.

You will need to pay your deposit ASAP if you want to join this tour. We have extremely limited space (only 10 people). I expect it will sell out quickly. However, I will have a waiting list in case space opens up.

Tour Contact:
Marc Gunn
Celtic Invasion Vacation
PO Box 4396
Austin, TX 78765

In Austin: +1 512 470-4866
Email: Marc Gunn

2009 Itinerary - Make your deposit now!


A Vacation in Italy presented by Marc Gunn

8 day vacation,  dates :   May 13th until May 21st

Over the past couple of years, I've co-hosted a tour of Ireland with the Brobdingnagian Bards. One of the biggest complaints I had with the Ireland tour was constantly traveling around the country, instead of sitting in one place and really soaking it all in.

In 2009, I want to try something different. I want to combine my love Celtic music with my love of Italy. To do this, I came up with the Celtic Invasion Vacations. We stay basically one week in a villa in Tuscany. During the day time, we make trips to nearby locales to see history, art, culture, and the beauty of Toscana (Tuscany). During the evening, we relax with Irish songs by Marc Gunn and an all around sing-along. The goal is to "experience" la dolce vita (the sweet life) instead of just "seeing" it.

I am working on the specifics of the vacation. We will fly into Venice, stay one night, and experience an all too brief stay in one of the most romantic cities on the planet. Then we will torture you as we cross the Appennini to Tuscany, where you will be be fighting to get out and see the amazing countryside, until we arrive in San Gimignano, an hour Southwest of Firenze (Florence) and an hour from Siena.

San Gimignano is a wall medieval hill town, most famous for it's towers. It has since become a popular artistic town with lots of cool shops and great atmosphere. The town is about a 20 minute walk from the villa we'll be staying at.

So what is this villa? Villa Racciano is a Tuscan farm that was converted into a rental. It has beautiful view of the countryside and I assume the town. It looks pretty posh with air conditioning (a luxury in Italy), a swimming pool, a full kitchen, and even TV if you really want to bother.

From Villa Racciano, we're gonna take day trips to Firenze, Siena, and Volterra. There's lot more to see and do.

Overall, the Celtic Invasion Vacation is designed to combine adventure with schwank relaxation, and of course, good food, good drink, and good company. All this for an incredible value.

Please read our itinerary. Not all the details are finalized for this trip. However, price will remain as listed below.

Rough Itinerary

This is a very, very rough look at some of the things I'm planning of the trip.

Rough Itinerary (8 day)

Tue, May 12
Leave US

Weds, May 13
Morning: Arrive in ROME. Take the train to San Gimignano.
Lunch: On the train.
Afternoon: Visit San Gimignano.
Dinner: In San Gimignano
Evening: Music
Sleep: Villa Racciano, San Gimignano

Thu, May 14
Breakfast: Continental at Villa Racciano
Morning: Relaxed day in San Gimignano.
Lunch: San Gimignano
Evening: San Gimignano or Music
Sleep: Villa Racciano, San Gimignano

Fri, May 15
Breakfast: Continental at Villa Racciano
Morning: Awake early and go to Florence.
Lunch: Florence.
Afternoon: Free time, shop, see stuff.
Dinner: Florence.
Evening: Relax.
Sleep: Villa Racciano, San Gimignano

Sat, May 16
Breakfast: Continental at Villa Racciano
Morning: Tour guide. Awake early and visit Siena.
Lunch: Siena
Afternoon: Free time, shop, see stuff.
Dinner: Siena
Evening: Relax.
Sleep: Villa Racciano, San Gimignano

Sun, May 17
Breakfast: Continental at Villa Racciano
Morning: Lesiure
Lunch: In Volterra
Afternoon: See Volterra or a Wine Tasting in SG.
Dinner: In Volterra
Evening: Music Game
Sleep: Villa Racciano, San Gimignano

Mon, May 18
Breakfast: Continental at Villa Racciano
Morning, Lunch, Afternoon, Dinner: Visit favorite spot: Florence, Siena, Volterra?
Evening: Music
Sleep: Villa Racciano, San Gimignano

Tue, May 19
Breakfast: Continental at Villa Racciano
Morning: Travel to ROME.
Lunch: Train
Afternoon: See St. Peter's with Tour Guide.
Dinner: Rome
Evening: Rome
Sleep: Rome

Wed, May 20
Breakfast: Continental at Villa Racciano
Morning, Afternoon, Evening: Rome on our own. See Vatican, go to a spa.
Evening: Possible Irish seisun.
Sleep: Rome

Thu, May 21
Fly home.

Costs for the May 2009 Celtic Invasion Vacation

LAND FARES - $1942
NOTE: This is NOT the final price. It is hopefully just a rough, worst case, guestimate. I am hoping to bring that price down, though you WILL still be able to save if you pay before Dec 31.

  • Order Before Dec 31st and save $200
  • Single Room Supplement $350.00  


  • Transport to and from the airport.
  • Day trip transportation.
  • Hotel accommodation based on twin bedded rooms with private bath as listed for 8 nights.
  • Continental breakfasts (8).
  • Musical entertainment by Marc Gunn.
  • Some admission fees


  • Villa Racciano, 6 nights
  • Rome, 2 nights


  • You must manage your own air travel
  • The best time to purchase tickets is within three months of travel. If you're using Frequent Flyer Miles, give yourself at least six months to book your tickets.


  • December 31, 2008

    • Final payment due to take advantage of the $200 discount.

  • February, 23, 2009

    • $350 per person deposit

  • March 23, 2009 final payment due


    1) This quotation is subject to the terms of our Conditions Sheet (attached).


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