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Celtic Invasion of Veneto, Italy 2020: Origins

For over ten years, Iwatched how the seven Celtic nations were formed through my Celtic Invasion Vacations. The Celts originated in eastern Europe. They conquered their way through the land. Then along came Julius Caeser. His Roman armies forced the wiped out the Celts in Central Europe forcing them to the fringes of the continent (listen to Dan Carlin's "Celtic Holocaust" episode). The last outposts were in Galicia and Brittany before the Celts were forced to Ireland, Cornwall, Wales, Scotland, and the Isle of Man.

But where did it all begin? Linguists say the Celtic language began around Austria. But on their way across the continent, the Celts conquered many locations. One of which was the Veneto in Italy.

On our Celtic Invasion of Brittany, we learned the Celts also settled in the Veneto. We discovered this through place names found in both Brittany and Italy. This is one of the reasons why this year's Celtic Invasion is going to Italy.

Admittedly, there's not much more than Celtic place names left in the Veneto. But my family lives in the region. I'm excited to share parts of my brief home. We're gonna explore the area, sing songs, eat some amazing Italian food, and of course see Venice.

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Friday. The trip doesn't officially start til Saturday. But I recommend you arrive a day early. We can spend the night in Venice and get an early glimpse of the city. It's vast, old, beautiful and walkable.

Saturday. We will leave Venice around 8 am and drive to Mossano where we are staying. But first, wWe will stop off in Padova (Padua) to explore the markets. You've not been seen a market til you see this one. We will visit the Basilica di San Antonio which has a statue of Donatello. We will visit the Orto Botanico, the first botanical gardens in the West. Then we will shop the market for dinner to take back to our agritourismo in the Berici Hills outside of Vicenza. They have their own wine and apartments where we can make food and relax with an evening concert from yours truly.

Sunday. It's a Castle kind of day. We're gonna spend the morning visiting some beautiful castles and towers in the region. Then we will relax at a small medieval festival in San Martino where we can enjoy the games, music and more.

Monday. We're heading to the mountains. The foot of the alps to be precise. You will see some glorious mountain settings with Bassano del Grappa and Asolo. We might even make it up to a World War II memorial on Monte Grappa where you can experience the true majesty of the the Alps.

Tuesday. This will be a relaxing day as we take boat tour of the Brenta canals, stopping along the way to visit some villas. In the afternoon, we're gonna relax at our agritourismo and enjoy a nice wine tasting before having dinner and our own session.

Wednesday. Vicenza is a UNESCO World Heritage City. We will leave first thing so we can visit La Rotunda. This is the home that Thomas Jefferson replicated in Virginia centuries later. Construction was started in 1557. Then we will head to Vicenza to see more Palladian architecture and more. We will drive La Rotunda to Il Teatro Olimpico. This is one of the three oldest Renaissance theaters that still exist. It also as the oldest stage set still in existence, and it's where I graduated in high school. We will have lunch before visiting the Piazza dei Signori and Basilica Palladiana.

Thursday. This is typically our day to either catch up on things we missed OR see something new. We shall play it by ear. But my mom tells me about Simione on Lake Garda which is stunning and picturesque. Or we might go to Verona to see one of the last still used Roman Coliseums, the home of (Romeo and) Juliet, and Castelvecchio, from the 1300s..

Friday. We're gonna leave early to drive to Venice. From there we will take a boat out to Burano, a beautiful village where their famous lace is made. If we have time, we will visit Torcello. Two brothers are buried there. They stole the body of St Mark from the middle east, and brought him to Venice where he now rests. We will stay the night in Venice to really soak up the magic of the city.

Saturday. The Celtic Invasion comes to an end. Time to head home! I will help you get to the water bus or train to the airport before we part ways.

And of course, we're gonna eat a lot of amazing Italian food. I hope you will join us on the 2020 Origins of Celtic Invasion Vacations.



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