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Celtic Invasion of Scotland 2013 Itinerary

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Day 1- June 2013- fly into Historic Edinburgh Airport where you will be met by none other than Marc Gunn. He will have your transportation for the duration of your adventure in Scotland. We will load up and depart Edinburgh heading toward Inverness. We will have the make a stop in Kinross to visit the beautiful Kinross Estate and Gardens built by William Bruce in 1560. We will stretch our legs, grab a snack and take in the incredible views of Scotland as she comes to life for the summer. Once we have taken a breath, we will continue en route to the Inverness area.

Day 2- After a hearty breakfast we will spend the day exploring. We will have trek toward Aberdeenshire to see the Aikey Brae stone circle and the Sunhoney Stones. There are nine stones in the circle, plus the recumbent and its two flankers. The recumbent has fallen over and part of it has broken off; on it there are 31 cup marks which, at this type of site, seem to indicate and symbolize certain positions of the moon. We will have lunch in the area (on your own). If time permits, we will have head over to Cawdor Castle for a brief visit and some pictures before the evening sets in. Once we have spent the day outdoors we will gather at the lodging have supper and head to the local pub for some entertainment by Marc Gunn and have a pint or tea or whatever you like.

Day 3- Today we explore the Cairngorms National Park area and all it has to offer. There are many activities for those inclined to hike, climb, bike and explore the wildlife. In fact the Scottish wildcat has returned to the Highlands. You never know you might be one of the lucky few to spot one of these shy hunters in their natural habitat. That evening, we're gonna take the Strathspey Clansman, a steam train, that heads around the park. We'll have a stunning look at the Highland scenery as eat dinner on the train.

Day 4- Today we explore Inverness with a bit of shopping and exploration options that will carry us to the Nairn for more breathtaking views of the Northern Coast, beaches , small villages on Scotland’s coast with picturesque views of the wild sea. We will then head to the town of Forres, Elgin, Burgehead, Keith and Buckie this puts us in the heartland of the Northern Picts, Norsemen and home to the Medieval bishops of Moray. In the area we have the Suenos Stone ( Forres), Elgin Cathedral ( latern of the North, ) Burgehead fort and well ( Burgehead), Spynie Palace ( near Lossiemouth), The Rodney Stone and Brodie Castle along with many other cathedral and ruins available to explore throughout the area. We will have lunch (on your own) and then head back to have dinner at the lodge regroup and head into Inverness by train for some night life and music with Marc Gunn in one the local pubs.

Day 5- We load up and head south toward Loch Lomond and Loch Ness. The A9 is one of the most beautiful, and scenic roads in all of Scotland. The trip South in itself is worth the travel time. We will have the option to stop at Urquart Castle ruins in the shores of Loch Ness. The Scots believe that if you dip your feet in the loch it brings you luck.. so get down to the shore and take off your shoes! Who doesn’t need some luck? There is a great stop for lunch, tea and souvenirs as well as some great historical books and information on the Grants that inhabited Urquhart Castle and how it came to be a ruin (pronounced “erkit”). Lunch will be on your own. We will then continue our trek south stopping at our lodging near Stirling.

Day 6- Today will have options to go to Stirling and the many sights including: the recently renovated and reopened Stirling Castle( a must see), Wallace Monument and museum for those that are big fans of Braveheart, this will give you the true story of a great man and his efforts to free his country from the yolk of England, The village Dunblane houses Dunblane Cathedral, it is definitely worth a visit with its ornate carvings and beautifully restored stained glass, Doune ( Monty Python’s the Holy Grail Castle, they have coconuts you can rent and use while at the castle…truly an experience) or for those more inclined to get outdoors weather permitting) the Trossachs Trail made famous by Rob Roy and his band of Cattle thieves is the place for you. Rob Roy is still beloved by the present day inhabitants. Any of the choices are full of adventure and breathtaking views. Lunch is on your own. After a full day of exploring the Stirling area we will head back to our lodging to regroup for dinner and then head off to the pub for more music from Marc Gunn.

Day 7- Today we SHOP! Edinburgh, is not far from the Stirlingshire area and for those interested, the trains run to Edinburgh every 10 minutes, if you are up for a bit of a walk and a self guided adventure. The trains are cheap after 9 AM and returns before 5PM or after 6 PM daily. You can buy your ticket on the train without going to a ticket booth, it is your choice. This is our last day in Scotland so let’s make it count! Some of the best pubs, shops and oddities are available in Edinburgh. Lunch is on your own. Dinner will be in Edinburgh. Perhaps we can take in a tour of the Closes in the evening and end it by raising a pint with Marc to sing us "Slàinte mhòr agad!" (“Great health to you!") at the World’s End Pub.

Day 8- After our last breakfast in Scotland, we load up and leave for the airport to head home.

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