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Music of Marc Gunn

Cats. Kilts. Science Fiction. Irish drinking songs. Nowhere else but from the bizarre imagination of Marc Gunn would those four elements be so neatly integrated.

Marc Gunn–”The Celtfather”–is an award-winning Celtic folk musician. Armed with an autoharp, he riotously combines Renaissance festival fanaticism with Irish drinking and Sci Fi fandom into a satirical jam session between Weird Al Yankovic, Shane MacGowan and The Clancy Brothers. His shows are spirited fireworks featuring Celtic-style songs about hobbits, cats, kilts, Firefly, Star Wars, Star Trek, and joyful renditions of traditional Scottish and Irish songs.

Gunn has performed for over fifteen years at a variety of Celtic and folk festivals, Renaissance faires, science fiction conventions and events across the country, including: South By Southwest, Austin Celtic Festival, Texas Scottish Festival, DragonCon, Texas Renaissance Festival, and a Lord of the Rings Oscar Party.

Nicknamed “The Celtfather”, Gunn is a champion of indie Celtic music. His Irish & Celtic Music Podcast became one of the top 10 music podcasts on iTunes. It was voted the #1 Best Podsafe Music Podcast in the People’s Choice Podcast Awards in 2009 and 2010. His Celtic Music Magazine is published monthly since 2000 and goes out to over 20,000 subscribers. He has given away over 20,000,000 MP3s since he began his Celtic music career in 1999. Marc Gunn changes the way you hear Celtic music.

Listen to his unique take on music below:


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