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Celtic Invasion Vacations
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The Bizarre Imagination of Marc Gunn

Before you consider joining one of the Celtic Invasion Vacations, I need to make something clear. I play Sci Fi Drinking Songs.

This is traditional Irish and Scottish songs mixed up with science fiction and fantasy themes. It's Celtic music with a twist.

I like to point that out because while you will get a Celtic experience on one of my trips, you will also hear me singing Irish songs while playing the autoharp. Then you'll enjoy a drinking song from the cult Sci Fi Western TV show, Firefly, followed by a song about cats.

This is not your typical Celtic music. It's for people who are a little bit different. You're not interested in riding a giant tour bus with 60 people you don't know and won't remember.

Instead, we're gonna have an intimate setting. I'll sing some songs. You're welcome to join me or sing your own songs. We'll visit a pub and hear music or possibly have a musician come to our house.

You never know what you'll get on a Celtic Invasion Vacations. But it will be memorable!


Listen to his unique take on music below

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