Celtic Invasion Vacations
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Celtic Travel Videos

There's nothing like seeing the places we visit to really bring it alive. Over the past couple o'years, I've tried to capture more videos of our Celtic Invasion Vacations experiences.

Enter Celtic travel videos.

These are not typical travel videos. These are Celtic Invasions set to my music.

The main playlist features my most-popular videos. Not because they're the best. But they've been viewed more for whatever reason. So watch and and enjoy!




More Celtic Travel Video Playlists

If you want a view of specific places we've been, I created location specific travel videos. Some of the playlists are pretty new. I listed them in order of which have the most videos.


Asks Questions on YouTube

If you have any questions about my Celtic Invasion Vacations or of the places we've been, I would LOVE your feedback. In particular, I'd love your comments posted on YouTube.

YouTube is a peculiar creature. The more comments and interaction I get on my videos, the better they rank.

So do me a wee favor. Post a comment. Ask a question. Share your own thoughts of the places we've been.

Thank you!